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26.07.2021, Remscheid

Improve production capacity with modern screening machines by RHEWUM

Highly developed technology increases quality soda production

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29.06.2021, Remscheid

Hot topic: Gastight compact screening machine for high temperature material

One of the world’s leading copper extractors relies on RHEWUM to separate agglomerated slag from flue gas.

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RHEWUM service truck

09.06.2021, Remscheid

RHEWUM takes quality maintenance to the next level

New emergency kit includes spare parts

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Mealworms on hand

02.06.2021, Remscheid

Screening insects efficiently and gently with RHEWUM screening machines

Mealworms are high in demand as a source of protein for a climate friendly diet. RHEWUM has the grand-scale technology that is...

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RHEWUM machine is painted

24.03.2021, Remscheid

Environmentally conscious and high quality coatings at RHEWUM

In future, RHEWUM will use environmentally friendly water-based varnishes when coating its machines.

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09.03.2021, Remscheid, Germany

Virtual screening tests and production tours at RHEWUM

From now on, customers can follow the screening test of their product live or book a virtual tour of the RHEWUM GmbH production...

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Copyright by BassMetals

16.02.2021, Perth, Australia

Australian manufacturer impressed by German screening technology

In an official announcement, the Australian graphite producer BassMetals Ltd. recently announced the latest developments of the...

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07.01.2021, Remscheid, Germany

Sodium carbonate perfectly screened with vibration screening machine type WA

In the production of sodium carbonate with fluctuating feed rates and finest separations in the range of 200 µm, many...

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Remote service for screening machines

16.12.2020, Remscheid, Germany

New RHEWUM Remote Service for best customer support at any place and any time

Not identifying and correcting malfunctions on screening machines can become very expensive for you as a producer. But what to...

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14.12.2020, Remscheid, Germany

RHEWUM collects donations for local children's aid organization

This year, RHEWUM's annual employee donation will benefit the organization called “Ärztliche Kinderschutzambulanz Bergisch Land...

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