Mobile Sorting Plant - RHEWUM MobiSort

17.03.2010, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

In future also in sorting technics this kind of flexible and economical handling of raw material will intensely gain in importance.

To answer on this trend, RHEWUM GmbH has developed the mobile optical sorting machine MobiSort.

To operate the MobiSort reasonably, operation costs must be covered by upgrading the resource. As the sorting capacities are highly depending on the average grain size as well as on the reject rate, the basic conditions should be studied in detail before installation. Whereas the determination of the average grain size is relatively simple, the average reject rate is a parameter limiting on the one hand the throughput and on the other hand will significantly influence the operation costs (consumption of compressed air).

The MobiSort is mainly consisting of the approved DataSort, sorting any kind of bulk goods. A weatherproofed and noise protected housing is added as well as the air compressor with dryer. The working platform is of pluggable construction so that despite complete sorting width no special permission for transport of excess width on a low loader is necessary. Clients must provide the connection to power supply as well as three conveying belts (feed, product and scrap)

Within 2h the plant is disassembled into portable units, which can be transported on a low loader to the next site. Due to this flexibility it is possible to exploit also smaller deposits for which a stationary plant would not be economic. Besides the purchase or leasing RHEWUM offers also to rent such a plant.  

About RHEWUM: As technology partner we are designing our machines tailor-made to your demand. Hereby we are basing on progressive methods to reach the required targets within the provided specification. Besides this pratice we are basing on our experience having manufactured meanwhile more than 6.000 (!) screening machines. Count on the fact that within more than 6 decades we solved nearly all challenges in screening technology!  

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