New order for a DF Screening Machine with Cross Flow Sifter Type QS

22.06.2009, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

RHEWUM GmbH gains a new order for construction and manufacturing of a screening machine type DF with integrated cross flow sifter type QS.

The machine of installation size 195 x 400/2 will be used for the screening of cat litter. Classification will be at a screen cut of 0,5 mm und 7,1 mm, throughput will be approx. 300 m³/h. In this very special application the overflow of the screening decks is fed to the cross flow sifter. The sifter dusts this product of 0,5 – 7,1 mm by recleaning it with means of air flow. Product requirements only allow a dust content (< 0,5 mm) of less than 0,3 %. „This new technology enables us to use only one kind of screen type for screen cuts with wide inclinations instead of installing various types as so far. Due to the low dust content in the product the exposure of the pets to dust is minimized. This unique project with its special requirements demonstrates the versatility of this new technology. Commissioning of the machines is already foreseen for October 2009 – the short delivery time including CFD-simulation, construction and manufacturing time proves again the confidence of our customers in the efficiency of RHEWUM GmbH” says Dr. Matthias Coppers, main developer of this technology.

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