Official opening of new buildings at RHEWUM GmbH

13.08.2009, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

On the occasion of the annual summer party RHEWUM has officially opened the new office and production buildings which had been erected over the last months.

The new office building houses the design department now designing screening equipment delivered to customers throughout the world there as well as the electrical department and the human resources department. Additionally there is now a new canteen offering the staff the possibility to have a warm lunch meal there. In the new manufacturing hall which is directly erected next to the existing production area now the so called batch production - the fabrication of drives and various small components for the screening machines – is located to ensure short delivery times. Furthermore, the new manufacturing hall is equipped with a completely new warehouse including a modern ERP system (enterprise resource planning).

Despite to the considerable building and construction investments of the last 2 years taken by the companies located in this industrial area the access roads regrettably do not fit the demands of the residents, says Sigurd Schuetz, managing director of the RHEWUM GmbH. The enormous amount of truck transports in combination with the hart winter let to further damages of the access ways which had already been in need of refurbishment. “We often hear from customers that they did not expect to find any company facilities behind the Gruenenplatzstrasse due to the road condition” says Schuetz.  

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