RHEWUM DataSort with intelligent LED-light strip!

01.03.2009, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

One important factor for the effective and reliable optical sorting is the character and intensity of lighting.

As light source a fluorescent lamps can be used or long-lasting and bright LED lamps – such as the newly developed RHEWUM LED-light strip which is available in different colours depending on the sorting task. The intensive line light of the new intelligent LED-light strip has a very intense brightness up to a reach of 500 mm. The LED modules are dimmable particular or over the whole width of the light strip. The light strips are available up to a width of 4.000 mm – which is the basis for much more higher sorting capacities as before! The intelligent LED-light strip allows the data saving of various lighting profiles. So e.g. the vignetting of the object lens of the camera can be compensated by a lighting profile inverse to the natural vignetting of the lens. Furthermore the LEDs can be used up to an ambient temperature of 60°C without cooling. At higher temperatures a self-regulating cooling system is foreseen.

RHEWUM LEDThe fluorescent lamps are favourable in purchasing costs but have a significant lower brightness than the LEDs (6.000 Lux against 20.000 Lux at a distance of 400 mm) at a coeval very much higher power consumption. Another characteristic of the fluorescent lamps is their lower brightness intensity at their ends which has to be compensated by choosing this lamps longer than the real sorting width. LEDs are unproblematic at this point!  

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