RHEWUM supplies new designed linear motion screen after only 9 weeks

27.04.2009, Miedzianka

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

The RHEWUM UG 2100x5000/2 carried out as massive construction is part of the new milling and washing plant in Miedzianka, Poland.

The new lime processing plant of Nordkalk Nordkalk with a capacity of approx. 2,5 Mio t/a meets the demand for special particle sizes in the roadworks and building materials industries. The commissioning of the plant is foreseen for July 2009. The RHEWUM UG screen will separate 130 t/h at 8,0 mm and 2,0 mm. Additional water will be used to ensure the separation of clayey components. To increase the efficiency the screen is executed with different inclinations at inlet and outlet. To minimize the moving masses of the RHEWUM UG screen the water adding device is uncoupled from the screening machine itself. The spraying system is mounted above the PU screening bottoms.

The UG screen is driven by two out-of-balance gears which are coupled to each other by a cardan shaft. The drive power is 15 kW. The order was gained by company Tessa located in Krakow which is successful representing RHEWUM in Poland for many years. The very short delivery time was enabled by the close collaboration of the design and construction departments – already before the completion of the machine design the fabrication of the screen started.

Tessa Tessa was founded in 1994 by family Wolff. Since 15 years Tessa is focussed on the customers´requirements. This has been the basis for the success and the development of the company. Meanwhile Tessa has 14 employees and is representing 15 first-class companies in Poland. This positive development reflects the contentment of Tessa´s customers. The service orientation – every day at the face – enables the customers to have a successful performance of their projects. Be aware: your targets are the targets of Tessa!

RHEWUM As your technology partner we design and construct our machines regarding your requirements. We focus on progressive methods to reach the customers´ demands and count on our experience in manufacturing of more than 6.000 (!) screening machines until now. Trust in that we mastered nearly all challenges in screening technology in more than 6 decades of RHEWUM´s history!  

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