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22.06.2009, Remscheid

New order for a DF Screening Machine with Cross Flow Sifter Type QS

RHEWUM GmbH gains a new order for construction and manufacturing of a screening machine type DF with integrated cross flow...

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11.06.2009, Remscheid

Patented RHEWUM Cross Flow Sifter QS

Dated from May 15th, 2008 RHEWUM´s Cross Flow Sifter Type QS became protected by patent.

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10.05.2009, Remscheid

RHEWUM Representative Meeting 2009

From 22nd to 24th of April, 2009 the regular representative meeting took place in Remscheid.

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27.04.2009, Miedzianka

RHEWUM supplies new designed linear motion screen after only 9 weeks

The RHEWUM UG 2100x5000/2 carried out as massive construction is part of the new milling and washing plant in Miedzianka,...

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01.03.2009, Remscheid

RHEWUM DataSort with intelligent LED-light strip!

One important factor for the effective and reliable optical sorting is the character and intensity of lighting.

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21.01.2009, Remscheid

RHEWUM Construction Projects – Structual Works Completed

On 19th of December, 2008 the structural works of the new office building and manufacturing facilities of RHEWUM GmbH were...

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20.11.2008, Punta de Lobos

RHEWUM supplies DataSort to Chile

Chiles largest producer of Rock Salt, Sociedad de Punta de Lobos (SPL), orders an optical sorting machine DataSort for their...

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18.11.2008, Remscheid

RHEWUM ScreenGuard for monitoring of vibrating machines

Screeners and other vibrating machines are often integrated in production processes at a central point.

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10.11.2008, Saudi Arabia

RHEWUM Screens for MA´ADEN Project, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In May 2008 RHEWUM received an order for screens for the MA´ADEN fully integrated phosphate fertilizer production...

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17.10.2008, Egypt

BMA awards contract to RHEWUM about 3 large Vibrating Conveying Throughs

At 22nd May, 2008 BMA (Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG) placed an order with RHEWUM for construction, manufacturing...

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