Charge your electric car during your visit at RHEWUM

05.11.2020, Remscheid, Germany

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

RHEWUM is aiming for corporate sustainability. This goal has now come a big step closer. After several weeks of work, two charging stations for electric vehicles with two sockets each are now ready for use.

First of all, a few meters of soil had to be excavated, then a separate power line was pulled from the main distribution board of our company to the charging stations, so that they could be supplied with sufficient power and also deliver electricity to the cars.

The charging stations are located at the parking lot in front of the green areas directly at the entrance of RHEWUM. While one charging station is provided for employees, the other one is free for our customers to charge their electric cars for the duration of their visit. All they need are the RFID cards which are available at the reception. Type 2 charging cables are also provided.

With a charging capacity of 22kW AC per charging point, the charging stations have the maximum power available at this time - you won't find more anywhere else.

With this investment, we hope to be able to make a contribution to supporting e-mobility and thus come a step closer to the defined climate goals.


Image source: Schneider Electric GmbH

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