RHEWUM offers employees the possibility of bike leasing

03.12.2020, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

In cooperation with the BIKELEASING-Service the RHEWUM GmbH enables its employees to lease a company bicycle with immediate effect.

Travelling to work by bike not only protects the environment but also strengthens health. According to a study employees who come to work by bike all year round are less ill and feel physically better. As an employer, we do not want to deprive our employees of this positive effect and offer them the possibility of their own health prevention in the form of a company bicycle. This is taxed according to the one percent rule and can also be used privately by the employee. After the end of the contract period, the employee has the option of buying the bicycle at its residual value or to conclude a new contract for a new bicycle.

As a company, we would like to set an example: we not only have to take care of the health of our ecosystems, but also that of our employees. Riding a bicycle to work strengthens the cardiovascular system, trains the physical condition and provides the necessary exercise during the day. Above all, sitting for too long increasingly promotes posture problems, back pain or muscle slackening in the legs.

For us it is only a small effort, but it can have a great effect on our employees (especially in terms of health).

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