Sodium carbonate perfectly screened with vibration screening machine type WA

07.01.2021, Remscheid, Germany

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

In the production of sodium carbonate with fluctuating feed rates and finest separations in the range of 200 µm, many manufacturers rely on the proven screening quality of the RHEWUM WA vibration screening machine to achieve optimum quality of their product. But what distinguishes the RHEWUM WA?

Sodium carbonate has been used by humans for a long time and is considered one of the most versatile chemical products. Its applications include the glass industry, the chemical industry, the pulp and paper industry as well as the detergent and soap industry. The screening task usually consists of screening out the existing dust content from the actual soda product.

Recent screening tests with sodium carbonate at the RHEWUM technical center confirm that the type WA screening machine is perfectly suited for finest separations at high capacities. The screen cloth is excited to high-frequency vibrations by means of beater bars directly applied to the screen cloth. Outside of the screen housing rugged electromagnetic drives rock the knocker shafts, conveying the high frequency oscillation directly into the screen mesh. Accelerations of up to 15 g and more are thus achieved on the screen cloth. The power of the electromagnets can be adjusted during operation via an electronic control system, so that the vibration intensities can be adapted to changing materials.

Sodium carbonate is hygroscopic, meaning that it quickly binds moisture from its environment which causes agglomeration. The agglomerates can then clog the screen mesh during screening. This can be prevented by the adjustable cleaning intervals of the RHEWUM WA with accelerations of up to 50 g. This allows RHEWUM to make the decisive difference in the production of sodium carbonate.

In addition, there are other advantages that make the RHEWUM WA extremely attractive: longitudinally tensioned screen cloths allow quick and uncomplicated replacement, minimizing downtimes. The large number of drives on the screening machine also ensures that production can continue even if one drive fails. Since increased dust formation occurs during soda screening, the RHEWUM WA also offers a dust-tight design with optimal connection to a dust extraction system.

Would you like to know whether the RHEWUM WA would also be suitable for screening your material? Then get in touch with us now. Our screening experts will be pleased to help you.

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