Sound insulation tarpaulin on a RHEWUM WA with SV feeder

RHEWUM develops noise control solution for screening machines

18.08.2020, Remscheid, Germany

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

To reduce the noise emission of your screening machine RHEWUM now offers an innovative and cost effective sound insulation cover.

Usually screening machines are not the quietest machines in the production chain. Due to impact bar movements the screen cloth is excited to high frequency vibrations. This, in combination with the product to be screened, causes noise emissions which sometimes have to be reduced. The sound insulation tarpaulin for screening machines provides a quick and uncomplicated solution to this problem. The sturdy, custom-made tarpaulin is covered with an acoustic membrane which damps the sound and absorbs sound energy.

The sound power level of the machine can be reduced by 8 dB by attaching the sound-insulating tarpaulin, which corresponds to approximately halving the perceived noise level.

The tarpaulin is flexible and easy to bend - which in turn ensures simple and quick installation on the machine. Important maintenance openings remain easy to operate, as the tarpaulin can be opened at the crucial points using robust zips. The short implementation time and the cost-effective alternative to a professionally mounted steel construction make this sound insulation tarpaulin additionally attractive.

If you too would like to reduce the noise emissions of your screening machine, then call us now or contact our screening experts without obligation using the contact form.

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