Raw material extraction in Vietnam: RHEWUM sponsors student excursion

18.05.2018, Vietnam

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

With the financial support of RHEWUM and other sponsors from the mining industry, students from the field of Raw Materials Engineering of the Technical University Georg Agricola (THGA) traveled about 2,800 km through the sixth largest economy of Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is considered one of the emerging economies of Southeast Asia with good economic prospects. Stable economic growth, a relatively cheap and well-educated workforce and political stability offer attractive conditions for investors. With a share of around 6.5% of the gross domestic product, mining is now Vietnam's fourth-largest economic sector and continues to gain in importance.

With the aim to visit mining sites in the northern and central parts of the country, the students of the THGA started their excursion to Vietnam in April. Above all, the focus was on mining of hard coal, apatite, copper, limestone and heavy minerals.

To obtain practical impressions, the students visited in addition to the University of Mining and Geology in Hanoi, various companies in the mining industry in Vietnam, which offered them far-reaching insights into the process engineering for the respective raw materials.

We are pleased that we could support this exciting excursion with our donation and wish the students of THGA continued success in their studies!

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