31.03.2020, Lyuban, Belarus

The best screening machines for KCL crystallizate will soon be active in Nezhinsky Mine

The internationally operating company FAMAKO Anlagenexport GmbH relies for its customer Slavkaliy on the reliable quality of...

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10.03.2020, Ladenburg, Germany

BK Giulini continues to rely on screening machines from RHEWUM

The company BK Giulini from Ladenburg, Germany, which sells its products under the brand name ICL, used an old screening...

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04.02.2020, Moab, USA

High-performance screening machines for the potash industry

Potash is an essential building block of life. Together with nitrogen and phosphorus, potash is the third essential one. It...

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24.01.2020, Remscheid, Germany

Efficient recycling of laminate waste

The separation of particles whose size is sometimes difficult to assess with the naked eye can be a difficult screening task...

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Highly efficient vibration screen for urea granules

As the consumption of food increases worldwide, so does the demand for fertilizers. For these reasons, one of our...

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There we go: RHEWUM Roadshow India 2019

After the successful roadshow in India last year, our subsidiary RHEWUM India Pvt. Ltd. has again planned a roadshow through...

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Good service avoids high follow-up costs

Do you want to prevent expensive repairs and production downtimes? Optimal maintenance and servicing are the answer! This...

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YARA relies on individualized RHEWUM technology

Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) is a popular nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture for plant nutrition. Due to the difficult...

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BK Giulini replaces old RHEWUM screening machines with new RHEWUM technology

The company BK Giulini based in Ludwigshafen had two RHEWUM screening machines type WAN in operation to classify potassium...

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