Finishing touches on a RHEWUM SV

13.09.2021, Remscheid

Invest in Quality

The RHEWUM SV vibrating feeder improves screening results by improving distribution of the material.

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26.07.2021, Remscheid

Improve production capacity with modern screening machines by RHEWUM

Highly developed technology increases quality soda production

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29.06.2021, Remscheid

Hot topic: Gastight compact screening machine for high temperature material

One of the world’s leading copper extractors relies on RHEWUM to separate agglomerated slag from flue gas.

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Mealworms on hand

02.06.2021, Remscheid

Screening insects efficiently and gently with RHEWUM screening machines

Mealworms are high in demand as a source of protein for a climate friendly diet. RHEWUM has the grand-scale technology that is...

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Copyright by BassMetals

16.02.2021, Perth, Australia

Australian manufacturer impressed by German screening technology

In an official announcement, the Australian graphite producer BassMetals Ltd. recently announced the latest developments of the...

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24.11.2020, Greensboro, USA

US producer of plastic granules relies on RHEWUM wet screening machine

In his production chain an American manufacturer will no longer use two machines for screening his plastic granulate, but only...

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Screened cat litter

07.10.2020, Small town in Lower Saxony

Company extends production of cat litter with RHEWUM screening machines

In order to increase the plant capacity for the production of cat litter, an international oriented company for raw materials...

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10.09.2020, Remscheid, Germany

Optimization of sifter plant by customized modernization

A well-known European sugar producer was looking for new screening machines to replace his worn-out sizers. Since not only the...

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Calcium ammonium nitrate (Source:

03.09.2020, Remscheid, Germany

The RHEWUM SV-S feeder for optimum distribution with integrated pre-screening

What to do if the feed material contains lumps so large that they could even damage the screen mesh? Then a pre-screening must...

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