Application of RHEWUM screening machines in a biogas plant located in Montpellier


Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

Renewable energies are today more important than ever. The French corporate group SUEZ focuses on sustainability and therefore produces high-quality biogas and compost!

In Montpellier, SUEZ supports its subsidiary Amétyst with 10 million euros for the development of its processing plant for domestic waste and biowaste with the aim of increasing the process capacity as well as the product quality. After optimizations, including in the field of methanation, SUEZ concentrates on the issue of efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards for compost production. For this purpose Amétyst uses RHEWUM screening machines type WA with feeders type AV at the end of the separation process.

After the organic waste has completed various procedural steps and has been treated for 2 to 3 days in a bioreactor, the fraction of 0- 20 mm is separated from it by using four screening machines with direct excitation of the screen cloth (see video from minute 1:10). These screening plants have been specially developed for the integration into the production line and are called “avalanche screen” (= crible en avalanche) as the material is indeed transported through the high inclination and vibration of the screen cloth.

Each of these four RHEWUM machines sieves 8.5 tons of organic material per hour. In order to avoid clogging of the screen cloth, an automatic brush cleans the screening surface every ten minutes. The new sieving unit that is patented by SUEZ generates a compostable product that already meets the criteria for the NFU 44051 norm.

Afterwards, the material is routed to the fermentation process and composted. A subsequent preparation of the digestate is not necessary, because the purity required by the norm is already achieved. Therefore, the produced compost can be used in agriculture as an alternative to chemical fertilizers and the produced biogas serves to create electricity and thermal energy.

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