Hot topic: Gastight compact screening machine for high temperature material

29.06.2021, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

One of the world’s leading copper extractors relies on RHEWUM to separate agglomerated slag from flue gas.

The heat is on in the copper industry: Slag that has to separated from the flue gas can reach up to 400°C, while the temperature of the flue gas itself remains constant between 200° and 250°C. Too much for your usual screening machine: Average quality steel loses its firmness under these extreme conditions, anti-corrosives evaporate, the screening mesh lengthens. Poisonous flue gas leeks from the machine. Precise screening results while meeting health and safety regulations in this extreme environment are near to impossible. Not for RHEWUM!

Our engineers already had much experience screening hot asphalt – our RHEWUM double frequency screening machines have proven themselves time and again in this area.  For their mission in the copper mill, their machine would not only have to process hot screening material, it would also need to be gastight to  ensure the important flue gas scrubbing system would work safely and correctly. Here, our engineers at RHEWUM were able to benefit from their existing know-how screening materials for road surfacing. With this added expertise, they constructed a gastight screening machine for operation under extreme temperatures.

With lots of creative energy and engineering skills, a RHEWUM DFM was specially designed for its mission to Bulgaria. The machine was not only made gastight through special techniques in assembly, but newly constructed from highly heat resisting types of steel, which maintain their firmness under extreme temperatures.

However, the machine casing was not the only thing that needed to resist this extraordinary stress: resistant, stationary mounted drives were necessary as well. Regular vibration drives do not withstand temperatures above 100°C for more than a very short time, so a regular solution was out of the question. Our engineers at RHEWUM solved this problem, too: All RHEWUM double frequency screening machines allow the unbalance motors to be positioned outside the area of heat, at maximum distance to the screening machine’s casing. In this case, our engineers also used drives which were specially modified to operate in a warm environment: GeniusDrive unbalance motors type LL (LongLife). With these measures, the customized RHEWUM DFM screening machine now operates reliably at a capacity of 50 t per hour, with precise results even when things really heat up!

Combining skills, experience and creative engineering made RHEWUM the only manufacturer able to offer the copper industry a solution that not only meets these very specific requirements, but is gastight and compact, as well as robust enough for the demanding use in copper smelting, and most important: absolutely reliable.

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