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The RHEWUM SV-S feeder for optimum distribution with integrated pre-screening

03.09.2020, Remscheid, Germany

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

What to do if the feed material contains lumps so large that they could even damage the screen mesh? Then a pre-screening must be implemented. With the help of a RHEWUM SV-S feeder this is no problem.

For the screening of 200 tons of calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) per hour an internationally operating plant manufacturer will receive a RHEWUM screener type WAU including a SV-S for his end customer from Egypt. SV means "seitliche Verteilung" (lateral distribution) in German, S stands for "screen".

The directly excited screening machine type WAU is designed as a double-decker with separations at 5 mm and 2 mm. To prevent larger lumps from damaging the screen cloth of the WAU or clogging the coarse grain outlet, they are screened in a pre-separation in the SV-S at 15 mm. This reduces the loads on the screening machine while maximizing the service life and optimizing the actual screening process. A further advantage of the SV feeder with screening is the uniform distribution over the entire width of the screen. In addition, the use of compensators is made unnecessary by the directly flanged, static housing.

The RHEWUM WAU is a directly excited screening machine with static housing. This protects the building or the steel structure as no vibrations are transmitted. The external drives which allow maintenance during operation also prove to be advantageous. Even if one drive fails, production can continue. Enlarged, lateral inspection openings facilitate the inspection and cleaning of the screen surface in case of increased moisture content, which can occur during the pelletizing process. Cleaning of the screen surface is also possible without stopping the operation.

Upstream and downstream two-way chutes direct the product streams into the respective process steps to optimize the granulation.

RHEWUM GmbH supplies you with screening technology you can rely on. Get more information about RHEWUM WAU and the SV feeder from our screening experts without obligation. 

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