Screened cat litter

Company extends production of cat litter with RHEWUM screening machines

07.10.2020, Small town in Lower Saxony

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

In order to increase the plant capacity for the production of cat litter, an international oriented company for raw materials built a second production line, in which RHEWUM screening technology was used once again to ensure product quality. A new, modern and automated high-bay warehouse ensures better logistics and efficient transport organisation to Europe as well as to the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

After the discontinuation of mining in 1992 the potash factory in Lower Saxony was converted for a cat litter production using the already existing infrastructure. As a result of the success and increasing demand in the sales network with other companies, the second production line will increase capacity by 40 percent per year in the future. For this purpose further proven screening machines of RHEWUM GmbH were designed, ordered, delivered on schedule and installed into an existing building. The commissioning at the end of 2019 was successful without any problems and meets the quality requirements. One of the most modern automated high bay racking warehouses in Europe completes this investment.

Screening technology

Basically screening machines of the WAU, DF and RIUS series are used, partly with feed and distribution chutes of the SV and AV series. The sizes are adapted to the respective production steps with regard to feed capacity, separation cuts and installation locations. Throughput capacities between 30 and 80 t/h are required for the screening steps in coarse grain screening, pre-screening, flake, compact grain and pre-product screening up to the final product in order to produce a stable, absorbent granulate suitable for packaging.

Technical design

Starting point for the design of the new screening machines were the already delivered and proven RHEWUM machines in the main production as well as screening tests with the original product in our modern technical center to confirm the quality and performance requirements.

On-site installation

The existing steel construction in the extended factory building made a precisely adapted construction and alignment of the individual machines necessary. RHEWUM screening machines can be ideally customized to the structural conditions and achieve a particularly high specific screening capacity for classifying even on smallest space.


In order to meet the customer specific requirements to increase the annual production volume by 40 to 45 percent the long lasting experience and the advantages of the RHEWUM screening technology were used and successfully implemented to the satisfaction of the customer. Thus the production site is secured and important jobs are preserved.

The production of perfectly adapted screening machines is our claim. It is success stories like these which drive us on a daily basis and show us that in the end the results and satisfaction of our customers speak for themselves.

And when will you write your success story with us? Get in touch with us today.

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