Finishing touches on a RHEWUM SV

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13.09.2021, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

The RHEWUM SV vibrating feeder improves screening results by improving distribution of the material.

Modern compound fertilizers made of nitrogen (N), phosphor (P) and potash (K) are a complex product. Until ready for use in agriculture, the fertilizer grains go through several phases of screening. Reliable screening machines play a valuable part in reducing any loss of the product and efficiently using natural resources.

NPK is not an easy to screen material. Due to production methods, it contains moisture, which can cause agglomeration and in the worst case, clogging. This is not only true for any machine used for screening, but also applies to any machinery used for transporting material. It pays to invest in quality in this area, too.

At a facility producing NPK fertilizers in Turkey, material had agglomerated inside a Y-shaped chute, which could no longer be adjusted. The attached feeder was unable to distribute the material over the entire width of the screen, and the screening results no longer were as desired.

RHEWUM has been building quality machines for over 90 years, and for over thirty years has been supplying this fertilizer producing facility in Turkey with reliable screening machines. It comes as no surprise that our screening machine customer turned to RHEWUM to now find a feeder solution. To solve the agglomeration problem, the old chute and feeder will be removed. Instead, RHEWUM will install a modern Y-chute with electrical motor adjustment and a RHEWUM SV 2200 vibrating feeder. This feeder has a vibrating inner part that loosens the screening material and ensures even distribution for best results. The static casing of the machine also minimizes the transfer of any structural dynamic loads.

Achieving an optimal screening result depends not only on the screening machine, but also on the quality of the material feed. The RHEWUM SV is only one of many adjustable solutions offered by RHEWUM to make screening easier.

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