Improve production capacity with modern screening machines by RHEWUM

26.07.2021, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

Highly developed technology increases quality soda production

Soda is manufactured from sustainable sources, for example during the processing of wood. Especially for the glass industry, soda is an irreplaceable resource, but the chemical industry also utilizes soda as a bleaching agent, and last but not least, carbonate of soda, as it is officially known, helps to achieve the gloss of Bavarian pretzels. Quality soda is highly in demand.

The quality of the soda granules depends directly on the capabilities, and thus the quality, of the screening machine in operation. Soda has a reputation as a material which is difficult to screen, that tends to stick to the screening mesh and is likely to agglomerate due to its hydrophile properties. Clogging of the screening mesh can occur quickly, which brings the entire production to a standstill. The reliability of soda as a resource for important branches of industry depends on the capacity of soda producing enterprises, which depends on the use of the proper screening machine.

The RHEWUM WA is a high-tech screening machine with direct excitation of the screening mesh, whose readiness for operation is less vulnerable to agglomeration than is the case with other types. Like all screening machines with directly excitable screening mesh by RHEWUM, the RHEWUM WA is not only well suited to the precise classification demands of the soda industry, the vibrating mesh also reduces particle adhesion in the screening material and helps prevent agglomeration. In addition, all RHEWUM screening machines with direct excitation of the screening mesh have a built-in automatic self-cleaning function:

A strong cleaning impulse periodically ejects any material from the screen cloth, without affecting the screening process as such. The result is a reduction in maintenance and downtime, with fewer standstills – and less lost production time. The higher investment in a technologically advanced screening machine by RHEWUM more than pays off in increased production and improved quality.

For a soda manufacturer who is a long-term partner of RHEWUM, the use of a RHEWUM WA in combination with the RHEWUM ZR rotary feeding valve led to a lasting increase in total capacity. This in turn means an increase in offers made to industries that depend on soda, and a marked increase in turnover from soda production.

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