RHEWUM ensures product quality of fertilizers – One more new screening task in India

27.07.2017, Gujarat

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

Following Indian Cane Power Limited, Kaspers Build Mate Pvt. Ltd. and Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd. now also Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited (GSFC) counts on RHEWUM’s high-level technology.

As one of India’s leading fertilizer suppliers GSFC has already been producing in the state Gujarat since 1967. Now the successful company entrusts RHEWUM with the task to precisely and efficiently classify various fertilizers (DAP, APS and NPK) with a feed capacity of 75 tons per hour. The screening material has to be separated into two fractions of 3 millimeters and 2 millimeters. The difficulty thereby is the adhesive nature of the product. Common sieves will clog rapidly and block the efficient screening process.

RHEWUM uses its high-performance screener type WAF for processing rapidly such sticky materials. This screening machine is a combination of a directly excitated screen and a linear motion vibrating screen. The linear motion is generated by two counterrotating out-of-balance drives. It will transport the materials and is supported by the machine’s inclination angle. Furthermore, the direct excitation of the screen cloth prevents the clogging of the screening mesh. Due to this combination of drive and excitation even difficult to screen materials such as adhesive fertilizers can be separated precisely and with a high throughput.

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