Vibrating screen for sifting white sugar


Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

European sugar manufacturer will rely on RHEWUM quality in the future and replaces four screening machines for sifting white sugar. By currently producing around 400 thousand of tons in two plants the sugar producer reaches a top level in the European sugar industry.

Whether in sweets or in savory products, sugar has become indispensable for many people and as flavor carrier it is an important part of the food industry. With around 175 millions of tons consumed per year, sugar is the most popular food worldwide - with rising tendency.

After the previously used screening machines have caused damage of the concrete floor due to dynamic loads, the client now counts on the static machine housing of the RHEWUM vibrating screen WA(U) for sifting his white sugar. Instead of a vibration of the entire machine, in this machine only the screen cloth is directly excited which allows a perfect separation in the coarse and fine grain range without affecting the building or the surrounding plant. The modular construction with flanged screen decks made it easy to mount the screening machine into the existing plant.

The same amount that earlier required two screening machines, can now be classified by only one RHEWUM WA(U) vibrating screen. Its four screen decks enable all of the customer’s desired screen cuts. Also, the preinstalled rotary valve ensures an optimal distribution of the feed material on the downstream sifter. Another advantage of the RHEWUM technology is that the production does not have to stop anymore as drive changes or inspection work can be done during active operation.

So far, two sifting machines have already been replaced and two more are currently being planned so that the entire production will soon be sifted by RHEWUM screens.

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