Patented RHEWUM Cross Flow Sifter QS

11.06.2009, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

Dated from May 15th, 2008 RHEWUM´s Cross Flow Sifter Type QS became protected by patent.

The combination of a cross flow sifter and a screening machine is the consequential widening of our product portfolio. It is emerging from the often heard customers´ demand for an additional separation of the fine particles. The cross flow sifter is applicable and retrofit for all RHEWUM screening machines; it makes most sense for fine particle screening machines as type WA, WAU, MDS and PWA. The RHEWUM cross flow sifter is working completely without moving parts. Only the under hopper of the screening machine is fitted with the patented sifter element. With this system separations in between 100 and 500 µm (0,1 – 0,5 mm) are reasonable, separation efficiencies between 60 and 80% are possible without any additional equipment. As for all sifters the separation cut can be changed during operation.

About Sifters: Air classifiers are separating particles in an air flow which is taking apart the particles with lower density. First air classifiers were used in treshing of cereals. Here the corn is separated from the chaff by the wind. Afterwards the mixture of corn and glumes is thrown up with a shovel. The wind separates the components, the airy glumes a blown away and the heavier corn is falling down again. This working principle is used until today – needless to say that it was developed and automated in the course of time but the basic principle kept the same.

RHEWUM GmbH is an independent family owned company which was founded in 1927 as „Rheinische Werkzeug- und Maschinenfabrik“. RHEWUM is developing and manufacturing screening machines and vibrating feeders for more than 60 years. These cover the entire field of dry, wet and analysing machines for classification and sorting for leading companies worldwide. Our machines guarantee continous and economical processing of defined products in repeatable quality. By use of RHEWUM´s screening and sorting technology our customers are able to offer their products in constant quality at every time. All RHEWUM machines are planned, conctructed and manufactured at our own facilities in Remscheid, Germany. All machines leaving our facilities undergo a careful functional test to ensure highest product quality.  

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