Optimization of sifter plant by customized modernization

10.09.2020, Remscheid, Germany

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

A well-known European sugar producer was looking for new screening machines to replace his worn-out sizers. Since not only the old machines but also the building were affected, the new sifters should transfer as few vibrations as possible into the building and at the same time increase the efficiency of the screening process. So the decision was made for a machine with directly excited screen meshes.

The existing sizers were designed for a throughput of 30 tons of refined sugar per hour with 5 separation cuts, whereas the required product quality for the lowest deck with a separation cut of 0.2 mm could not achieve the required product quality. To find a suitable replacement, trials were made in the technical center of RHEWUM, during which process-relevant parameters of the screening machine were determined and also the compliance with the permissible amount of off-spec particles for numerous sugar types was considered and proved. The results of machine types WA and WAU were able to convince the customer technically.

At first sight the old sifters stood out due to their favorable investment costs at high throughputs on a small area, but the direct excitation screening machines with their higher investment costs performed significantly better in a total cost comparison as well as with regard to the screening efficiency. While the screen meshes of the old sifters got clogged with stuck particles often and thus affected the usable effective screen area, the direct excitation screening machines by RHEWUM have an adjustable automatic cleaning system, which ensures the reliable function of the screen meshes. Other disadvantages of the old sifters are the shorter service life and the higher maintenance requirements as a result of the heavier wear and tear of the machine parts resulting from the complete vibration. Not least there is danger caused by this in contrast to dust-tight flange connections because explosive sugar dust could leave through cracks in the compensators. Whereas the advantage of directly excited screening machines is that only the screen meshes are vibrating and the housing remains static, which protects the plant and the building.

At the end, not only the technical advantages convinced the customer, but also the economic benefits, as the higher investment cost were already compensated after a year by lower operating costs.

Would you also like to get an individual consultation for efficient sifting of your sugar? Do not hesitate to contact our screening experts. We look forward to help you optimize your sifting as well.

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